We take preparing our bodies for conception seriously

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The good news is that losing weight, taking supplements, changing diet and cutting down on alcohol are seen as important and amongst those trying for a baby:

•    53% losing weight to boost their chances of conception
•    38%  taking fertility enhancing prenatal vitamins
•    37%  exercising more
•    36%  changing their diet, with most adopting a low-sugar way of eating
•    62%  cutting-out or cut-down on alcohol to help their chances of getting pregnant
•    1 in 10 smokers have stopped to prepare for pregnancy
•    82% taking daily folic acid supplements in preparation for pregnancy
•    32% of mums-to-be don’t leave anything to chance and track their ovulation using hormone predictor kits
•    Over half of mums (55%) concentrate their sexual intercourse activity during their fertile window
•    1% are having sex every day in a bid to make a baby

The link between good nutrition for both partners, and a positive pregnancy result, has been underestimated by two-thirds of mums-to-be. Just over one-third of mums-to-be made a conscious decision to change their diet in order to improve their chances of getting pregnant. While many of mums spent a great deal of their 20’s trying not to get pregnant, many are surprised at how long it can take once they decide to actively go for it. Regular sex and lifestyle changes, including optimum nutrition are the keys to success as their chances of conceiving naturally decline with age. 


Research undertaken with Mummy Pages

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